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Sloway 2012, a year traveling

It will be a long journey by train, bus, boas, by all means possible except flights. I will leave on April 2012 direct to Sarajevo, passing through Istanbul and going up to Persepolis and Tehran in Iran. From there cover The Silk Road through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, China, and cross the Karakoram Highway, bypassing K2 and Nanga Parbat, till come in India, and then Nepal, Tibet, China.

After the roof of the world going down through Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, to Indonesia, where I’ll have to catch a passage on a sailing boat, destination: Australia. Ideally Darwin, from where I’ll go down to Ayers Rock and head to Sydney on the east coast, where I will take the route to Panama by cargo ship.

Then Colombia and down along the Andes Cordillera it will lead me in Equador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile as far as Patagonia , then head up through the Argentine pampas, Uruguay and Brazil. With another ocean crossing to let the South American coast, the target will be the African Dakar, then Mali, Mauritania and the Sahara, climb up to the Atlas of Morocco. Finally, the return to Europe from the front door Gibraltar so Spain, France, and after a year or so will be home … Dervio, Como Lake.

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